Watch with GPS

Garmin 10 watch with gps in green
One of the easiest to use watches with gps

Accurately track your time, distance and pace to analyse and use to improve your fitness and running times. This watch has a virtual partner feature to compete against to help enhance your running times.

The watch will beep at you when you hit the targets you have set.
The Garmin 10 watch with gps is £89.00 with free UK delivery.

If you like it why not order the Garmin 10 watch with gps today

Garmin 10 watch with gps in green
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Garmin 10 watch with gps

Below you will find buying tips and advice for the Garmin 10 running watch with gps including photos and a brief to the point review to help you decide if this is the sports watch for you.

The Garmin 10 is the cheapest out of all the Garmin watches and is the easiest to use, which makes it the ideal beginners running watch with gps. The Garmin 10 is simple yet accurate and is very good value for money, if you are just starting out in running and need some extra help with your training then this is the Garmin watch for you.

You can get a great deal on the Garmin 10 watch with gps from amazon and they are available in many different colours including pink for the ladies. To have a look at more pictures of Garmin 10 head on over to the official Garmin website.

Use the information below to help you decide if the Garmin 10 watch with gps is the right watch for you, if you head on over to our Garmin gps page and our Garmin Forerunner page you will find some buying advice and reviews on the other Garmin watches.

Garmin 10 watch with gps in black

Garmin 10 watch with gps in blackThis is the Garmin 10 watch with gps in black, which is the cheapest and easiest to use out of all the Garmin sports watches.

The more expensive Garmin watches are for experienced professional runners, if you are just starting out in running, jogging or just walking then this is the watch for you to help with your training.

All you have to do is click one button on the watch to get started, the watch will then get a gps signal and will start tracking your pace, distance, position and time.

The screen on the Garmin 10 is clear and easy to read while on the move and even lets you compete against a virtual partner to a set speed or time over a specific distance.

You can look back over the collected data to analyse your previous run times and distances to know instantly if you are improving your fitness or not, you can even run against one of your old run times to make your runs a bit more exciting and in most instances will be a good motivator to help you achieve a set fitness goal.

If you are training for a particular run, be it a short charity run or even your first marathon then you should have one of these to track your progress to help you achieve your set targets before the event so that you have peace of mind that you can complete the run.

After you have finished your run you can then upload all your run data to the Garmin Connect website (which is free to use) where you will be able to analyse your run and use the data to improve your training for next time.

The Garmin 10 watch with gps has a 4.1 out of 5 star product rating on amazon and some very impressive customer reviews. Customers that have purchased this watch state that it is a great watch that covers all the basic data that a runner would require to help improve their fitness.

If you want a small, stylish, light and easy to use running watch with a good battery life then this ticks all the boxes. The Garmin Connect data upload website is very good too, you can set yourself targets to keep you motivated like how many times you want to run each week or how far you want to run in a specific time period. Like most things in life it is great to have set objectives to achieve so that you can monitor your progress, just make sure you set easy and attainable targets at the beginning so you don't get put off.

Garmin watch with gps in pinkThe Garmin 10 is accurate and will be perfect for most people, there are some negative points with the watch that you need to be aware of before you purchase one.

The Garmin 10 is water resistant and not waterproof which means it is ok to get wet when it's raining but you can't go swimming with it on, if you require a waterproof Garmin watch have a look at the 310XT.

Some customers have reported that the watch is poor at finding satellites in some areas and can take from 1 to 2 minutes with you having to stand still for it to find a satellite.

You can only have two data fields shown on each screen so you need to decide out of distance, time and pace which ones you want on the front screen, means you will have to press a button while you are running to switch data screens to see the other stats.

You can only re-charge the Garmin 10 via your computer as there is no adaptor and when the battery packs in it cannot be replaced so the watch is then useless.

If you wear glasses then the data on the screen may not be big enough to read without your glasses on, if you know someone that has one of these or have a shop near you that sells them you should take a look at it before you buy online.

The Garmin 10 does not track heart rate but I don't think this is not necessary anyway as the watch is aimed at beginner to intermediate runners that require quick and simple to read and analyse run data.

There are so many positive feedbacks for this watch that I think that most of the negative points mentioned above will not be a problem for you anyway, for example you could warm up and stretch while the watch finds a gps signal.

Perfect watch for beginners, is available to buy in pink, green and black.

Price: £89.00 with free UK delivery. More pictures and customer reviews

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